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How to Set up APN Settings for your dongle and android devices

APN Settings for dongle and android devices

If you hope to use internet using android phone or dongle first you want to setup APN setting.

This APN settings to be change according to  your Sim card (According to your service provider )

Now you can try to setup APN setting According to your service provider

APN settings  For Dialog Internet and MMS

APN      -    dialogbb 
MMS Poxy port - 8080 
Protocol - IPv4

How to access to it  - These APN Settings valid for android phone
  • Go to Settings → Wireless & networks
  • Now Select Mobile network Settings → Access Points 
  • Go to GPRS-BB / Dialog - BB 
  • Go to → Proxy  
  • Remove Proxy IP ‘’ and click Ok (Once the IP is removed , Proxy will be visible as Not set’ )
  • Select Port  option
  • Remove Port 8080 and select Ok (Once the Port is removed , it will be display as ‘ Not set’
Dialog mobile broadband APN settings for MF100 modem and usb dongles

Use this apn setting 
Config name - Dialog
Dial number - *99# 
APN Address  for prepaid - ppwap
APN Address  for postpaid - dialogbb

Instruction to use 
  • Plug the modem to usb port and install mobile partner software
  • Now try to open mobile partner software and go to TOOLS → OPTIONS  
  • Select profile management → Click New to start creating a new profile  
  • Try to configure profile name - example dialog mobile broadband  
  • Select Static Under APN 
  • Now fill the APN name according to your data package (APN Address  for prepaid - ppwap / APN Address  for postpaid - dialogbb ) 
  • Click Set as default 
  • Click ok 

  • Open mobile partner app and click setting  (UTMS Application)

  • Now select your data package - (If you want to add new APN Click Add)

    •   Now add bellow settings and click save

    Mobitel internet dongle APN Settings

    For Mobitel 3G
    APN - mobitel3g
    Dial number - *99#
    PDP type - IP
    Authentication type - PAP  

    For mobitel 4G 
    APN - mobitel
    Dial number - *99#
    PDP type - IP
    Authentication type - PAP  

    How to setup - Android users
    • Go to  Menu and select settings 
    • Select wireless and networks  
    • Next Mobile Networks 
    • Select Access Point Name
    • Go to Option New Apn
    • Now Add below data  -
                     Name - Hutch3G
                    APN - HUTCH3G
                    Proxy - Keep blank
                    Port - Keep blank
                    User name - Keep blank
                    Password - Keep Blank
                    MCC - 413
                    MNC - 08
                    Authentication Type - None
                    APN type - Internet 

    How to setup - Iphone users 
    • Go to SettingsGeneral Settings

    • Select Network Option
    • Now turn on cellular data and turn on 3G
    • Enter htwap for APN and leave everything else blank

    How to setup using HUTCH SMS and USSD
    Type WWW and sms 5879 or dial *6655# from your Hutch phone

    Airtel APN Settings for iphone 

    How to access 
    Settings ↦  Mobile Data / Cellular data ↦ Mobile Data Options ↦ Mobile Data Network

    • Now type below data APN field 
    APN : airtellive

    Airtel Apn settinges for android users

    How to setup
    Menu ↦ Settings ↦More ↦ Mobile Networks ↦ Access Point Name 

    • After click Select Access Point Names Click  + mark and enter below data (It mean add new )

    •  Click Save
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